How GET PMO works

Transform your approach to business and provide executives, stakeholders and project teams with a new way to collaborate and get work done more productively and effectively.
Plan and monitor your portfolios to ensure your investments align with business strategy. Select and prioritize all projects and initiatives to make an optimal use of budget and resources. Decide about which projects, programs and initiatives should be financed, postponed, or discontinued.

The scenario function enables different portfolio variants to be analyzed and compared. Ensure to focus on the optimization of the project portfolio.
Project Management
GET PMO offers all functions for classic, agile and hybrid project work. Easily manage the entire project lifecycle and multiple types of work. Project managers have a streamlined, visual project dashboard of important KPIs, milestones, and overallocated resources.

Templates, workflows and collaboration functions make day-to-day project work easier and
partially automated.
Idea and
Demand Management
Centralize ideas, requests or project proposals that are most promising for your business in a structured and shared manner.

Idea and Demand Management provides you with a holistic view of all current and future requirements in your company. GET PMO allows you to transfer these requirements and ideas into projects.
GET PMO provides meaningful data from its interactive dashboards and scenario comparison functions. The data are easy to understand with clear visuals and are in real-time. The integrated pivot reports give you the information you need to design a better portfolio and to communicate its benefits to stakeholders.

Easily adjust your reports to business needs and ensure maximum information output. Create your own reports or make use of pre-defined reports.
Resource Management
Capacity and resource planning are key to identifying and dealing with resource bottlenecks.

Scenario tools support in the planning and deployment of employees in current and planned projects. Conduct what-if analyses and reconcile distribution and allocation shortages across the portfolio. Ensure the right resources are working on the right projects at the right time.
Unhindered collaboration and communication between project participants is the cornerstone of project success.

GET PMO provides all the tools to enable smooth, real-time joint work. This includes notifications, to-dos, discussion forums and workflows.

GET PMO makes daily work easier
Project lifecycle management
From demand through to deliverables. Get a 360-degree view of all tasks and projects. To achieve results on time and on budget.
Hybrid and
agile work
Offer teams the opportunity to utilize their method of choice. Setup projects in the traditional (waterfall) way and perform phases or subprojects agile.
Individual and multi-
project management
Gain visibility into all projects, dependencies, and resource allocation. This overview greatly facilitates portfolio planning and roadmapping.
Control, prioritize, and plan the requirements of the specialist departments in one solution.
Product development
Reduce development times and thus accelerate the time to market of your products. Plan and control your product development on a traditional or agile approach.
Corporate planning
Plan and control the initiatives, plans, and future-oriented programs of your company – and finally bring transparency to all business processes!
Demand management
Evaluate and prioritize demands using standardized workflows. The collaboration functions support collaboration between IT and the specialist department.
Innovation management
Secure the future of your company with innovation management. Collect ideas, evaluate them, and successfully implement the top choices!
Identify the digital potential of your business. Define, prioritize, and realize digital products and services. This is how you can actively promote digitization!

Solutions highlights

When it comes to corporate web applications, usability is the key to user acceptance. To ensure that our solution does not only digitize existing processes but helps users achieve their goals, we rely on proven design policies and standards as well as continually work to improve usability. GET Atomic design approach is one of the ways we do this.
GET PMO can be configured and adjusted to a high degree without coding.
Management Reporting
Real-time access to the most important reports keeps relevant parties informed and promotes enterprise-wide transparency.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
With SSO authentication, users can quickly access GET PMO using their existing corporate credentials.
Stage/Gate Approach
Improve the structure of project progress milestones and the production of a clear schedule. Control tasks and deliverables to ensure quality by system-supported collaboration.
Single Point of Contact
Our experts, serving as your single point of contact, are prepared to offer a full range of services: from strategy advice at the beginning of a project through system implementation to safe operation and continuous improvement.
SAP Interfaces
Our SAP interfaces enable integration with PS, FI, CO, HR, CATS, as well as BI, Business Objects, BW, and other modules. They are widely used, tried-and-tested, and can be quickly adapted to your individual SAP system.

Who uses our products

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